Why you should avoid a solo attempt

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on July 13th at 7:27pm

It has been one of the most expensive but one of the best decisions I´ve made during the last five years. The decision to join a gym.

Although I spent so much money over these four years that I would be able to purchase a new car now (if I would have saved the money instead). Yet concerning well being and vitality my workout at Holmes Place made a real difference for me.

I´ve hit the gym at Potsdamer Platz up to three times every week. I´ve spend around two hours each visit. There isn´t even a minute I regret.

„one life. live it well.“ That´s not an understatement.

My experience over 48 month has been that the entire team is passionate about giving inspiration and tips concerning fitness, wellness and nutrition daily.

Since the beginning of the year I´m not working out there anymore. Due to that I can tell that my personal fitness has definitely declined.

However, sport is just an example right here. My point is this …

Joining a group of like-minded people makes a real difference.

Whether you´re starting a business, a church or a non-profit organization. If you´re about get married, to have kids or entering another exciting journey of life. Do yourself a favor:

Surround yourself with professionals, peers and fans!

For the following reasons I think it is crucial to be part of a bigger community:

  • Motivation is of paramount importance. (Passion and drive of others will be contagious.)

  • It´s more likely that you´ll push your limits. (Being on your own can increase laziness.)

  • Best way to avoid mistakes that others made before you. (If you´ll let them correct you.)

Even the Bible encourages not to go on your own:

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NLT)

Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT)

What´s your next step right now?

  • Take some action today to end your solo attempt. Do it right now. Yes, … NOW!

  • Be willing to pay a price. May it be time, energy or money. If your goal is worth it your investment will pay long term.

CAUTION: Not every group is a community that will automatically take you to the next level.

You can be a member of a gym amongst thousand of others. - But still work out alone. (Not every club is offering the same level of support.)

You can go to church on a regular basis. - But without seeing any spiritual growth. (Maybe it´s time to join a small group or to volunteer in a team?)

You can become part of WeightWatchers. But … Ok, this could work.

Still no idea what to do? - Check out these examples …

Fitness: joggingbuddy.com (sport community, free of charge!)

Writing: my500words.com (authors community, free of charge!)

Bible reading: YouVersion (App/membership, free of charge!)

Startin a business: StartUpCamp.com (online course)

Church planting: dcpi.org (training events, free of charge!)

How does your journey look like? What will you do to break free of isolation? I´m looking forward to hear from you.

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