Three incredible helpful resources on personal finances

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on April 9th at 7:05pm

Where do you learn how to handle money these days? At home? At school? At church? Maybe at a little bit at all these places.

I wasn´t thought much about finances during my childhood and teenage years.

Now I carry quite a bit of financial responsibility as a husband, father and as someone who is self-employed. Nobody has prepared me for this. Absolutely nobody!

And I blame NOBODY for this fact.

I still have many questions and count myself far away from being a financial expert.

However, the following resources have helped me a lot.

My perspective on the books I mention as second and third looks like this: They can work as an addition or access to the most important source on the topic of money.

1) THE BIBLE - God´s word

„I knew!“ is what you might be thinking right now. „If a pastor is writing a blog post mentioning the bible is a must-have.“

You´re right! And I´ve put this resources right at the top quite deliberately.

First, I don´t think that there is anything more essential than what God says about money. Second, it´s fact that Jesus spoke more about money than about any other topic.

Over the years the number of marked verses on money in my bible grew. In addition I´ve heard a couple of healty sermons and teachings on finances. Nevertheless, two questions always remained without an answer:

What´s the difference between „giving by faith“ and „making dumb decisions“?
How exactly is a „good steward“ handling what is entrusted to him?

I found answers to these questions in these two books …

2) THE BLESSED LIFE - Robert Morris

I thought a would know quite a bit about the biblical principles of tithing, giving, faith and trusting God (prior to reading this book). I knew nothing.

Using breath-taking examples and stories (most of them he experienced himself) Pastor Robert Morris unfolds God´s perspective on our finances.

Starting with the statement that God wants to teach us trust, he describes that giving is a habit we have to learn. Giving 10 % of our income back to him is just a starting point on this journey.

Content that challenges you and encourages at the same time to live up to another level. Dangerous for those who want to play it save. Great stuff for those who want to know God more and to live an adventurous life.

Check out his website (many other helpful resources available):


Despite the fact that this isn´t a christian, biblical book, I recommend it with enthusiasm and a good concious.

That´s because the author is a christian as well as none of his practical instructions speaks against biblical truths. Exactly the opposite is the case. At the end of his insights he makes the following statement:

„If you reach this point you got three options: investing your money again, spending it or to give. And giving is the most fulfilling.“

That´s a conclusion that I think sounds a lot like what the Bible says about money.

The content is simple but challenging at the same time. The steps are tested and proven to be successful.

It´s the most practical and helpful material that I ever found on topics like budgeting, credit and investment.

Check out his website (many other helpful resources available):

Where have you learned the most about money? Which resources have helped you with your finances? I´m looking forward to read your comment.

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