Why it pays to spend less time in front of the TV

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on August 4th at 7:16pm

What I learned from three weeks of TV abstinence

21 days of fasting can be very long. Even if you eat and drink. However, to abstain from TV, Netflix and DVDs for such a long time has been a very valuable lesson.

The only things I turned on were the news as well as some online tutorials. Ok, as my wife watched „The bachelorette“ I once glanced over, I admit.

It has been the first time that I´ve been on such a fast. My first intention had been to clear my head. That worked quite well. In addition to that my abstinence has had a couple of side-effects that really surprised me …

> My quality of sleep increased.

Switching immediately from action movie to nighttime peace isn´t that easy. So, going to bed earlier and more relaxed has benefited me.

To calm down inwardly isn´t the only helpful thing. Research shows that blue light has a dramatic effect on healthy sleep. Especially before going to bed.

> It´s been easier to get up at the same time in the morning.

How I start my morning sets the course for the rest of the day. During the last weeks I´ve been able to dive into my days with a level of productivity and ease like never before. This has to be related to less screen time.

Often times a big cup of coffee is a good reason for me to get up. As well as the chance to be able to read my Bible and pray before my kids wake up. Anyway, that´s not always the case.

Because of that I enjoyed seizing my morning hours even more.

Additional resource: Podcast „How to become a morning person“

> I found time for things that are important to me.

Praying, reading, writing. Each of these things I enjoy doing. And actually all of them are a certain priority in my life.

Despite that I too often schedule them into tight time slots or procrestinate on them. Acting like „I´ll do that when I have time for it.“. Then I wonder why this never happens.

If you follow my blog you might have noticed that over the last month I published a post every single week. This, as well as finding time to get inspired and reflect, didn´t just happen.

> The relationship with my wife went to another level

What does a married couple do when the TV isn´t turned on in the evening? RIGHT! … Going to talk. And other things of course. I´m definitely not gonna go into any further details at this point.

Just one thought on the well known saying „Less is more.“: To really take time for being together as well as caresses just makes a difference. That´s something we experienced afresh.

Now what? Do I quit watching TV? Do we sell our DVD-player?

Of course not!

What I´ll try to change:

  • One more night a week without watching TV.

  • Deciding for one or two episodes of a series instead seeing a whole movie more often.

  • Using my iPhone to remind me 30 minutes prior to my bedtime.

  • No screen time afterwards.

What does your relationship with your TV look like? How do you feel about it? I´m looking forward to read your comment.

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