How do I turn getting up on time into a habit?

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on December 16th at 8:24am

I love getting up on time. I love to seize the precious hours at the beginning of the day.

Am I a morning person for that reason? Absolutely not! I don´t wake up all by myself and most days I struggle to my feet.

Despite that I´ve made it a habit. I have made it a habit because the reasons for me are many and good and far outweigh the benefits of a sleep in.

Read what helps me get up on time here ...

1) Go to bed on time

It’s the best thing you can do. It’s also the hardest thing to do.

Watching the movie till the end, surfing the internet the whole night or finishing the novel. That´s all plain fun – until your alarm is going off in the morning.

My experience and conviction looks like this: In order to gain a „getting up-discipline“, you have to develop a „going to bed-discipline“. You can´t have both a long evening and a long morning.

I´ve set an alarm on my iPhone to remind me when it´s time to go to sleep, just like I’ve set up an alarm to remind me when it’s time to wake up.

2) Set the alarm at the same time every day

That may sound radical. It actually is.

Even on weekends?

Yes, even on weekends and my days off I try to leave the bed at the same time. This makes it easier for me to do so during the week.

Our bodies aren´t happy with a continuous change of day and night-time. Just ask someone who is doing shift work.

If you had the choice, or rather, if your body had the choice, what would it rather?

3) Raise with anticipation

I experienced real breakthrough in terms of having the energy to get up only when I started to go to the gym in the morning. Later on with writing my blog as well.

What could getting up on time make possible for you? What makes your heart beat that much that you leave your warm bed with excitement?

4) Reward yourself

For a while pressing the snooze button meant no coffee in the afternoon for me.

You don´t have to act that crazy, but why not provoke yourself a little bit? For example:

21 days of getting up on time = treat yourself with that accessory or music album or ice cream

5) Don´t cut back on sleep

Reading about all these discipline things you might think „Help, I need sleep!“. You´re right! Everyone needs sleep.

Nevertheless, everyone needs a different amount of sleep. Even though research shows that most people need about seven to nine hours per night, my suggestion is:

Experiment! Find out how much is good for you.

The fact is that deep sleep (which is also known as REM sleep, the kind of rest that restores your body) doesn´t get better for you the longer you have it. If you sleep for six or nine hours, the effect is generally the same.

Coming back to sleeping in once again: Just go to bed really early from time to time. Sleeping in is possible the other way round as well.

What do you do to get up straight away in the morning?

Please note: This isn´t only about morning hours. I haven´t mentioned a certain time in this article. Not even the word „early“. I did that on purpose.

It´s my conviction that it is healthy to have a rhythm. Yet it´s different for every person. That´s ok.

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