How to honor people without spending money

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on July 21st at 5:44pm

Is honoring other people really related to always spending money? Sure, most of us would be happy to receive a cruise, an iPad or a necklace. However, aren´t there countless things we can give every day without opening our wallet or using our credit card?

The 21st century with all its massive increase on media and commercials has decreased our creativity. Back to a minimum of honor which is most of the time directly linked to purchasing goods.

Not that I would be against chocolate, wine or flowers but I really ask myself how we can make the the following approaches a priority again.

A few thoughts on that …

Invest time. It was late at night when I arrived at this farewell party of one of my former colleagues the other day. Although he had already started at his new job almost the entire company was there.

All these people who he had worked with for years were there that night to honor him. Despite the fact that kind words were spoken and he received nice presents, their greatest gift was them being there.

Nothing comes close to the honor of our presence. So, … Show up!

It could look like this:

  • Accept the invitation to the party (even though the date or time doesn´t fit your schedule).
  • Help someone to move (or in a similar situation where he needs you).
  • Visit someohe who is ill or lonely (dare doing it without a gift).

Pay attention. A few month ago I found the farewell letter which my American host mum wrote to me 15 years ago. Her words still touch and encourage me.

When was the last time you send a message to someone? Not for the purpose of communication or to organize something but with words from the heart.

The Americans seem to be real pros with this. It feels like in every second podcast this action is mentioned. Great!

It could look like this:

  • Pick up the phone and call someone you haven´t spoken to for a while.
  • Write a note of praise or thankfulness (on paper if you can).
  • Give something of worth to you to someone who needs it.

Create wow-moments. While I attended a church service together with my daughters during our recent holidays we got recognized. The pastor greeted us publicly and by name. Not bad!

It is possible to make someones day just by making them marvel.

Small things can make a big difference. I´ve seen this many times as well as experienced it myself.

It could look like this:

  • Remember a challenge somebody mentioned and ask how it is going when you meet again.
  • Tell someone to pray for him and then let him know that you actually did.
  • Learn a name and then call the person by name the next time you meet him or her.
  • Post a picture of someone including praise and appreciation on social media.
  • Congratulate to a birthday of someone who isn´t expecting it.

More honor = higher price tag? What do you think? Please write a comment.

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