How to find the good in everything

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Posted by Vincent Maria Klein on August 25th at 1:02pm

It happened during a training. The topic was sales approach. A colleague told us „I make honest compliments. I tell customers what I like about them.“ „What if you can´t find anything?“ someone replied. „I always find something.“

Bam! What a statement!?

Life can sometimes be ugly. Pretty ugly. But just ugly? Never ever.

The way my colleague saw other people is a way you can see circumstances and various situations in life.

„Life is 10 % what happens to you and 90 % how you react to it.“ unknown

These are my top 3 approaches to find the good in everything:

> Find the lesson!

We realized it the night before: A train ticket for just one adult.

That wasn´t all. While we had already started the journey I wasn´t able to get a proper ticket. A misunderstanding led to me leaving the rest of the family at the platform while I departed in the train.

Eventually we took a train that left later the day. In addition we lost our reservation for the kids cabin and had to pay a whole lot more.

They say „Everyone you meet has something to tell you.“ I would say „Every situation you face has a lesson to teach you.“

It isn´t always obvious. Sometimes it´s even hidden.

You have to find it. But it is there. For sure!

„Find a better way to plan the family trip.“ was what I learned from our train misery.

You can´t just learn from others. You´ll always make own mistakes, face difficulties and challenges. That´s life.

Lucky is the person who focusses on the lesson. And is growing therefore.

> Pay the price!

Suddenly my scooter started again. I didn´t want to turn it off so I went for a short ride to blow the engine and to get some petrol.

Yes, I knew the license tag was old. As the two ladies who worked for the regulatory agency stopped me they had no mercy: „The police will get in touch with you.“

That was exactly what happened. A fine of 650 €. Outch!

Not everything you learn the hard way is payed with money. Not everything is that expensive.

However, many experiences got price tags. You got to accept it and to pay for it. The sooner the better.

> Enjoy the journey!

As I mentioned some form of discontent in a conversation we had last year my friend replied „You got to be able to enjoy the journey.“ He was right.

Over the last years I´ve been a spiteful little man on Sundays. Too much I had just seen in our services at Equippers what wasn´t there yet.

Not a good thing. All due respect for excellence and improvement.

The one who got his eyes on nothing else but his destination misses a lot. And of course getting there is important. It´s just not the only thing.

„Who you become on your journey is far more important than the destination.“ unknown

How do you deal with difficulties? What helps you to learn and get better along the way? Please write a comment.

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